Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Last year was year 101.

This year is 101 and next year it will be year 101,

because the past and future are illegal.

The vast economy of the mega-city
Bofugro thrives,

because non-consumerism is illegal.

Nano-Tek Gizmek is embedded in the cells of every Humo-Sapien

transforming them into walking computers living in an VR enhanced world.

Gender is now physically fluid, allowing everyone to transform

from male to female or anywhere in between.

There are no children, because children are illegal.

The UR has survived many apocolii, thanks to the Klummtopians,

a benevolent race of warrior androids who watch over ground zero

and keep the raging forces of the Gulblätt Tillständ contained.

Welcome to the megalopolis of BOFUGRO. 

It's midnight and no one is talking. On the deck of the ferry Dead Albert five darkened figures and a large mechanical spider stand in a loose huddle as it plows through garbage choked waters toward the robo-factories of Mosscroft. They will discover that they all have bought themselves identical tickets while having no memory of doing so to rescue their shared non-existent uncle Fronk.

The automated vessel pulls up to a creaky dock underneath the overhang of an unfinished bridge section of a deserted twelve lane motorway which abruptly ends over the water as if it were cut off cleanly with a hot knife. The horizon is an endless backdrop of factories, next to the dock is the Holekist Fish Fish rendering plant, almost looking cute nestled amongst the larger more serious looking industries, and where their collective uncle “Fronk” needs rescuing and their destination. Everyone scuttles on the slippery deck of the Dead Albert past bales of materials which may be raw material or waste product or both onto the shore of Bofugros vast northern industrial complex.

Meet the bug-like Lykema, (owner of the mek spiderzoid), Axen, a ripped sadistic grunt encased in combat armor, Psychopomp, a pleather jacket scythe wielding goon, Fold, who has hex patterned skin and fifteen foot folding arms, and Coda, a barely legal freckled screenager cloaked in an optic camo suit (and four grenades). Just your typical scum from the slum of Laketown. They are all denizens of the slum Laketown, so introductions are irrelevant. They are all completely unrelated, yet all have left notes to themselves which they have no memory of writing, and seem to have the same uncle “Fronk”, who presumably is in one of these factory buildings. They still aren’t talking.

It's dark and deserted and not even trash is blowing across the truncated twelve lane motorway as they make their way toward a pair of deserted drop marts in the Holekist parking lot. The first has a sign reading “Guy-Yellows" which offers virtual hats, the other is a gaudy DS Mart choked with racks of identically packaged consumables while highlights from Sportz-a-Ball matches unspool in endless loops. Both are empty and look as if they were freshly swapped out by a Mart Hopper only hours ago.

Far up the motorway they see headlights. A polished gold stretch limo materializes and silently parks in front of the DS Mart. A humo, presenting as female with the insane headdress of a celestial being emerges like a ballerina and enters the DS Mart.

Fold’s interest is piqued and decides to go into the Mart. The woman’s golden AR radiates waves of golden light rays like a garage jesus making it slightly more difficult for Fold to pluck a blister from a rack opposite her. DS Marts specialize in selling identical items, in this case blind blister packed Sportz-a-Ball player fobs. Fold attempts to use a form of compulsion on her, but she smiles sweetly and bats it back to him. She says “Are you here for my Glorious one?” and gestures sending a golden spray from her hand to the blister Fold is holding. Inside the trashy Sportz-a-Ball collectable has been transformed into a glowing TrishAnkh. “Are you Ishtar?” Fold says. “That is a name I have not used for a long time. I hope you can find my Glorious One. In this time I am called Trisha.” “Did you just make this change?” Trisha answers “That may help you, you have but to ask” while gliding out of the Mart.

A M’urk is deducted from Fold’s meager bank account as they follow while tossing the glowing TrishAnkh onto the pavement. “Did you change this thing?” Trisha pauses in her mouthing of the lyrics of an El’ Glez pop song to nod as the illegal ‘Jikk of the TrishAnkh is siphoned away. The gold tinted window slides closed and the limo disappears back into the night.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Leenda’s Matchbox Arena #2 November 25th, 2022

Troupe: Marolin Moneybanks (Quinn), Flaca Oaxaca (Grace), Smudge Shellston (Michael), Doop (Caleb), Halcyon (Justina), The Biggest* (Griffin) and Sanford (Kris).

Garage Leader: Ro

Location: Ro's Dining Room

Link to Preceding Adventure: Icy Flows of Boo # 11 & Leenda’s Matchbox Arena #1

In the last PEOG our troupe and another group decided to be shrunk down by a kindly arcanist so they may work out their differences within an illegal matchbox arena. Two na-nutas of fray making have already passed.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Icy Flows of Boo #3 May 23rd 2021

Troupe: Klomp (Mark), Flaca (Grace), Smudge (Michael) and Smock (Caleb).
Garage Leader: Ro
Location: Ro's Garage
Link to Preceding Adventure: Icy Flows of Boo #2 May 16th 2021

Our game now sports fancy mood setting lights!

Klomp impales the now prone body of the Behemoth Snow Leopardoid one more time just to make sure it doesn't come back to life. The troupe spends several Mi-nutas discussing whether or not they should skin it. Klomp searches the creature for swag and finds none. They try to pull the 16 foot long carcass up onto the chariot, but it is too large and keeps sliding off. They decide to give this idea and take the creature's “Skrawww” pole arm as consolation.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Icy Flows of Boo #2 May 16th 2021

Troupe: Klomp (Mark), Flaca (Grace), Shimmy (Emelia), Smudge (Michael), Smock (Caleb) and Gyro as Barney (Jimmy).
Garage Leader: Ro
Location: Ro's Garage
Link to Preceding Adventure: Icy Flows of Boo #1 May 2nd 2021

The lifeless body of the Welt bolts upright in shock. She seems surprised and wary at the same time, as if this state is not all that uncommon to her. As she searches her pockets for something “my pocket orb is missing...has anyone seen it? Oh, my name is Mistla.” Smudge calls her pocket orb and it is no surprise when a buzzing sound comes from Flaca’s pocket. She flicks her eyes and mutter’s “whatever” as she hands it back.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Icy Flows of Boo #1 May 2nd 2021

The troupe's approximate location

Troupe: Philton (James), Flaca (Grace), Shimmy (Emelia), Smock (Caleb) and Gyro as Barney (Jimmy).
Garage Leader: Ro
Location: Ro's Garage (Not to be confused with Joe's Garage)
Link to Preceding Adventure: Dusty PennGooInn #4 September 13th 2020
Link to Next Adventure: Icy Flows of Boo #2 May 16th 2021

NOTE: This descriptor of events was automatically captured by the Klogg Narr 'Gic and transcribed into a text document by ASSININE (Artificial Serebral System Ingeniously Not Incongruous Nor Equivocal, a new Smorkk technology).

ANOTHER NOTE: This adventure experience picks up from the events in Dusty PennGooInn #4 September 13th 2020.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

#2 Sham End March 8th, 2021 Session 2

Troupe: THE straw prince, Shtick and Oda
Basement Leader: Ro

Whimsy Cards in play this PEOG

Baba tells them there is no spell casting in the house. Closing the door behind them, Oda, Shtick and THE straw prince step out onto the path in front of the old woman’s house. They carefully position themselves so that they are right at the point where it splits, going either north or northeast.

Monday, November 30, 2020

#1 Sham End November 28th 2020 Session 1

Troupe: THE straw prince, Shtick and Oda
Basement Leader: Ro

"Caleb" as Shtick

The wind is blowing through the boards of a long abandoned farmhouse. A rainstorm has just moved on leaving a few puddles. Shtick being an adventurous creature followed the rain inland. Erkins are creatures of flame who usually keep to themselves. Contrary to what most believe, they love making water hiss and evaporate. He had never seen a Millibrick before and when he playfully tried to melt it, thousands of it’s friends chased him to the old farm.  Here they trapped him by quickly assembling themselves into a brick shed. Through a narrow opening he can see an old union suit on a clothesline whip around crazily.