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We are going to try this "looking at the rule book" thing again. I added a link on the right upper sidebar that will allow you access to the whole rule-shebang. You shouldn't be able to rip it, if you want it you can buy it or ask nicely. When it was up for free it was getting pulled off, but there was no feed back. I think some nice people in Russia are trying to play this or use it to fix their Kraz. Or both.
ey, вы, русские люди, почему вы играете в мою игру?

Here is a listing of useful gaming stuff, now collected from the blog for your convenience:

God's Work Bench
A series of 6 articles on creating narrative and structuring encounters. Mostly. There is other stuff, too. This is what has really started my investigation into the real design of RPG's. There will be more on this. Here is where it starts.

Tricking Yourself-God's Workbench Part 1

The Great White Space-God's Workbench Part 2

Designing a New Encounter System (1 of 2)-God's Workbench Part 3

Designing a New Encounter System (2 of 2)-God's Workbench Part 4

Clogs of Poop-God's Workbench Part 5

Workable Encounters-God's Workbench Part 6

Crypt Lord Nuggets
Quick little thingies on doing the referee thing. The one on this list that is super good is the last, "How to play RPG's Real Good Part I, Players". Read that one.

Your Time Is Running Out-Crypt Lord Nugget #1

Rope Bridges-Crypt lord Nugget #2

Look Into The Eyes Of Tom Baker...Crypt Lord Nugget #3

How to play RPGs Real Good Part I: Players

How to play RPGs Real Good Part 2: Referees, Basement Leaders and Crypt Lords

I like dice a lot. Especially old dice that are numbered differently. Ok, Ok. Oh, there is some stuff on new kinds of dice, namely the Thumbtrix.

My God How I Love Dice

The Amazing One Roll 01-100 Trick!

Thumbtrix: New Way to Generate Random Stuff on the Fly

These are the "monsters" of CNC, although last game I ran my players started up a human trafficking thing, so it can get a little confusing just who the bad guys are. 

Vascular Stalker, Poprockazoid, Other Worldly Lard Ass, Snareoid and Hornettes





Old 70's & 80's Dungeons
These are just really cool. I'll keep adding these.

Mike the Mangler's "Kananas Abode" 1979

Carl’s Dungeon of “Mazes of Xanth” 1978

My AD&D "Cyclops Of Yew" Dungeon Circa 1979

Miscellaneous Junk
Some good stuff here.

Arrow Up! A collection of weird and cool arrows.

Fire In the Hole A method of grenade usage that I think is really good.

Mundo, Chum and Igor Uh...These are types of Garlic in the Moot of Fooglee

Random Crypt Detritus A table know.

Teleportals A potted plant grown as a magic transport system

Map of the Cosmic All A cosmic map...of...everything?

Game Screens & My System
I have done a lot of work on the infrastructure of the games we play. Looking at the whole thing in a new way.

Behold...The System!

Svelte Magnetic Referee Screen

Coolest Gamemaster Screen EVER.

Amazing Crypt Lord Screen

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