Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crypt lord Nugget #2: Rope Bridges

When creating an adventure, think rope bridge.  Sure, every setting needs a plethora of mundane junk, hallways, blood encrusted idols, caves, anterooms, doors and moldering tapestries.  This basic stuff is the spongie yellow material that is the cakey part of every Twinkie.  Does anyone care if the oak in your doors comes from the Zillbilly forest in upper Gretchenstien?  Nope.  They are here to ride the Swartzpunk double ferris wheel hanging from the bottom of cloud city.  Or ride on the back of the giant Shai Halood into battle against 12,000 Dhark Omens.  Or rocket line into the flaming battlements of the Iron Towering Inferno (of death).  I call these rope bridges.  They are areas of concentric wowmania.  They are fantastical and can be manipulated by the players for exponential excitement.  Like that rope bridge scene in that movie.  What idiot cuts the rope?  (Answer, the one across from you with their hand in the bowl of Funyuns).

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