My Expectations

I am a gamer. In 1978 I was given a cover-less Holmes D&D rule set. I made dice out of folded paper and created my first dungeon. In 1980 I wrote a complete Gamma World module and in 1982 received a rejection letter from the nice people at TSR. In 1987 I created this game to play with my friends. I have a day job I enjoy immensely and am able to cordon off my artistic pursuits into "having fun" instead of "making $$$". If you type "nimbality" into google, the second listing will be "Crypts-N-Creepies - Page 8". This gives me a certain kind of satisfaction. I know this because my sons and I got into a discussion on whether nimbality is a real word or not.

I have gone through several sets of expectations regarding what I want out of all this. Right now...

In this world I am one of the owners of Big Monster Toys in Chicago and have been creating mass market toys and games for over two decades. I also build model kits, you can punish yourself quite profoundly by visiting Enjoy!

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