What exactly is Crypts-N-Creepies?
C-N-C is a self published schwartzpunk fantasy role playing game.

Is C-N-C like D&D or Pathfinder?
Yes, because genre wise it falls into the fantasy bucket. And "kinda yes", in that the game mechanics are based on a similar logic. However, in detail it is quite different. There are fantasy tropes to guide it's IP, but the evolution of these are very non-standard. The mechanics are simpler to use and designed for rapid play. The standardized notion of how experience points are doled out and used as currency to buy power is completely different. No "alignments" to support sloppy moral decision making. C-N-C is to D&D the same way Rollerball  is to Football. They are both sports, but very, very different.

Will I like this game?
I have no idea. Yes. The people I have played it with tell me they like it.

What are players trying to accomplish in this game?
Most RPG's don't have specific overall goals and embrace the idea that players are looking for adventure followed by a monetary payout. Your mission becomes survival and power acquisition. I put it this way for my game: Crypts-N-Creepies is a Schwartzpunk Fantasy Adventure RPG set in a dark future drenched in savagery. It is your duty to solve problems of swag removal from hidden underground tombs. The ruling class constantly drains the economy by burying loot in secret crypts. The location, diagrams of construction, types of egress and rumors of guardians and contents is Forbidden Knowledge.  As a player your goal is to find these hidden areas, open them up for inspection and remove swag product for economic reinsertion. Are you pithy enough? 

What am I trying to accomplish by publishing this game?
First and foremost is to enjoy it. It's fun and brings people together. I learned by watching others that doing this to make money is madness. I also wanted to show that you can make your own thing and it's not that big of a deal. When you look at the fancy offerings of the big manufactures it is intimidating to think you could do that. You can. This stuff starts with some good ideas and some sweat. Take Star Wars. It all started as hand written notes and a few sketches. RPG's are collections of words all strung together in a meaningful order. Words are still powerful.

What I thought this blog would do:
Bring players, sales and yes, the fame that comes with being respected designer in the RPG community. This did not come to pass. It has been a few years and fortunately I still get more out than I put in. How many players do I really need? Four. That's all. OK, five.

What kind of stuff can I get here?
The rule book can be purchased from Lulu for 15$ (press the links in the appropriate places). I had it here for free download, but it was being taken and I was getting no feedback. All the other stuff to support the game is still here for free in the Swag Product tab. Persona sheets, spell cards and two adventures. As I get other stuff prettied up I'll make it accessible.

Is C-N-C compatible with other game systems?
Not so much. It it's heart it's fantasy, but you'll have to convert a lot of stuff. You can use the IP of the modules, but translate into the the system you will intend to use. I do not plan on making anything directly compatible with anything else. Too much work

About me:
I am a gamer. In 1978 I was given a cover-less Holmes D&D rule set. I made dice out of folded paper and created my first dungeon. In 1980 I wrote a complete Gamma World module and in 1982 received a rejection letter from the nice people at TSR. In 1987 I created Crypts-N-Creepies to play with my friends. So far they have come back to play and now I'm running it at Gary Con. At this event I was even able to fill all 8 slots in both events. I have a non-Crypts-N-Creepies job as one of the owners of Big Monster Toys. BMT is in Chicago and we have been creating mass market toys and games for three decades. I also build model kits, you can punish yourself quite profoundly by visiting http://thejoyofmodeling.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!


  1. Excuse me, I have an infrequently asked question, I guess. I was wondering if there were a way to get ones hands on the character sheets and spell lists you had at GaryCon? I, by nature, am a lazy sort and would rather purchase said items instead of coming up with them on my own

    1. Phil, were you one of the players in those games? I have the filled out sheets, which I can scan and post. In fact this might be a good idea for visitors to see what a Persona looks like. Let me know which group you were in. As far as the spell cards, these are downloadable for free on the SWAG PRODUCT tab. You can also find a plethora of blank Persona sheets here as well. The rules are not available for free any more, you can buy one from Lulu, or I can send you one, etcetera. Again, let me know what it is you are looking for.

    2. I already bought a rulebook from Lulu. I am Donn's friend, the one with the daughter that loved her napalm grenade a bit too much...

    3. Of course, right after I replied I realized who you were. One can never love the power that comes with a napalm grenade too much. I scanned the persona sheets and will get those online...soonish. I have one of D's old dungeons all scanned...this one will get posted soon. Hopefully he won't have a total cow. I would be interested in feedback, if there is any.