Saturday, June 27, 2020

Crack Town Adventures #June 21st 2020

Our Troupe: Fidus, Doop, Smudge and Perch.
The Crypt Lord: Ro
Medium: Spatially Enhanced RPG*
*this format will be explained in a future post

In the last session the troupe accepts it’s newest member, a female android who has explained that for the next few days she will be experimenting with the concept of agency. See #May 3rd 2020 for details on this.

The troupe has collected on Crack Town's western border. Doop has pulled out various resort furnishings from his Mind Shack and positioned them on top of Barney (his mind controlled Blasta Donn). Then follows a lengthy discussion on how Doop’s Scoop should be made into a chain, actually a brand no less, complete with competitors restaurants which can be reached by secret underground tunnels. When Crack Town lands in a particular region, a restaurant franchise can be set in motion. Each restaurant would be equipped with inflatable zeppelin-like gas bags so that they could become airborne and the troupe would be able to collect their earnings.

Doop inspects Marylin's Ship inside his Mind Shack
Doop inspects Marylin's Ship inside his Mind Shack.

Deep inside Doop’s Mind Shack his twin self has begun a cursory examination of Marylin’s spacecraft. It stands on four probe-like legs and hanging down from the underside is what looks like an entry door. There appear to be no controls to open the door.

The troupe now wanted to visit their restaurant, Doop’s Scoop, however the townsfolk banned them from bringing along Barney. Having a 30 foot tall monster in tow would mean a lot of property damage. There was talk of putting a hilt onto Barney, so that he could be put into a magical scabbard. However, Smudge cast “Shrink” onto the beast and reduced him down to 1/6th scale. Doop immediately hopped up onto the creepazoids back to use as his mount.

They now headed into Doop’s Scoop. Upon entering they immediately saw the Seven Chained Wizards of Rulk, a Kirbite, Bunson Murdock and Eggo inside. All but the Kirbite had been seen at one time or another in the past. Doop was shocked (and a bit angered) to see Eggo alive again so soon after he has strangled him in his own bar in Crypt Town. Doop pulled out a large revolver and shot Eggo while shouting “Macklunky”. Eggo was able to cast a silence spell before disappearing down the cliff side next to the building. However, not fast enough to evade Perch (the giant four-armed mutant gargoyle) who dropped on top of him during his climb down. Only his lifeless body reached the ground. Doop arrived and poured oil on the body. After setting it aflame he then tried to bind the man’s wounds so that he would be awake as the fire killed him. To Doop’s disappointment he did not awaken.

Join us in my garage next time!

And now the Proverbial Evening Of Gaming’s (PEOG) quiz:
1)What is the other type of Gargoyle? (Marine/Kopaacinth)
2)According to Luke, in which two ways did Jesus grow? (Wisdom and Stature)
3)How many Mi-nutas in a Gar-nuta? (100 Mi-nutas)
4)How long does it take for a Schwartzer to make a baseball cap? (18 seconds)
5)What is Marilyn's favorite food? (Classified)
6)What keeps something bad from happening? (Fish must run restaurant)
7)What brand of tuna does Charlie promote? (Sunkist)
8)Name the only thing not subtitled. (Macklunky)
9)What is the name given to the show tonight? (Fish shoots man)
10)How many feet can Perch fall and not take damage? (7x15”)+10’=105”

However, the real question left unanswered was: Does a Donn exhale when it dies?

Yes, those are paper die.

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