Sunday, July 26, 2020

Mission: Number Nine Pointy Place #1 July 19th 2020

Our Troupe: Wheeze, Chum and Dardigalish
The Crypt Lord: Ro
Medium: Spatially Enhanced RPG*
*i.e., played in my garage, players separated and doors open.

The focus of our story now shifts gears from our beloved troupe of Crack Town restaurateurs. We now find ourselves within a seedy bar called the Dusty Penguin located deep in the savage lands of northern Bim Tuck Boo. The establishment has a rough mundane geomorphic nature and prides itself on regularly occurring events of a highly tropesque nature. Drunk Gnylls being tossed through plate glass windows, the plinking sound of the steam piano and chorus boys clomping around in ridiculous footgear. It is a place where any type of story might start or end.

Fortunately, this is the start of a story. Meet Dardigalish Margoon, a pale giant walking bug with a thing for ponchos.

Nearby is Chum, a low slung rusty spotted crabboid with a hefty fishing pole slung over one gnarled shoulder.

Lastly meet Wheeze Capricorn, a rather creepy looking Skeech who seems to be mentally looking for chumps to harass.

The only thing these three have in common is that they are drunk, standing proximate and have bet on the same Slorrg to win. Across the tiny course is a dark robed figure, bi-peedal, arcanic, graceful and out of place in this gaggle of scum. Out of the blue she wagers that if your Slorrg manages to best hers that she will reward you all. Of course, if her’s bests yours...well you will need to meet her at the edge of town at sunrise to fulfill what she has in mind.

When the morning comes all three are waiting. A brilliant golden object soundlessly appears in the sky. It’s about the size of a small yacht. Once it has gently alighted on the ground the buttery almost liquid nature of the hull becomes more apparent. There are a multitude of enormous rubicons embedded in it’s exterior and it is capped with a mammoth 15 foot rubicon which must be worth 10 billion Hgp at least. An opening blossoms in the crafts side and the robed Arcanist from the previous evening daintily emerges. “Well, don’t just stand there, come into the skiff so we can be on our way. By the way my name is Leenda”.

The interior is plain but no less fantastic. The vessel appears to have one singular chamber, at the far side are two rough looking corellian Boldies. They have that stereotypical look of guns for hire. The meaning of their expressions are hard to read. Leenda pours wine from a perfectly spawned gold pitcher. She starts right in: “We are on our way to Alsprect in Kortluskia. I am attending a non-birthday party for my friend, the Mighty Chad. You will not be joining me at the festivities, in fact I’m not even aware that you have snuck onto this vessel or how you snuck into the mansion and liberated a few items of value. Of course, you are under no obligation, I can drop you off right now no questions asked if you prefer”. Still mildly annoyed how this Welf managed to set this whole arrangement up in the first place, the skeech asks “What’s in it for us?” This gets a disgusted reaction from the two corellians.

Leenda explains “whatever riches you wish. If you manage to impress me we can talk about future missions and possible extended employment.”

Chum, Dardigalish and Wheeze decide without a word to accept. They are able to learn a few more tidbits of information. The Mighty Chad lives at #9 Pointy Place. Leenda’s invitation was hard won through the machinations of an x-wife, Ailgurthra. During the un-celebration the stowaways are looking for a folded scrap of paper with a few lines on it, lines they must not read. They are also looking for an ornate prenuptial scroll. If a few other items fall into their sack, then so be it. Leenda will be able to give them a key which leads to the sought items in question. Other than that, you are on your own. Don’t be late when the skiff leaves.

..."And if you are caught,I have never met you and you are stowaways who will be punished. Good luck”.

Join us in my garage for the next exciting chapter!

Here's the Quiz (Each correct ansewr is worth 1 xp):
1) How much silk can Dardiglalish spin in one day? (5,000 ft)
2) What is the name of the bar where you all met? (The Dusty Penguin)
3) What is another word for punk? (Beginners)
4) What is the gem on top of the skiff? (Rubicon)
5) How much was it worth? (10 billion Hgp)
6) What are the names of Leenda's two associates? (Schwing & Woodness)
7) What is the one thing everyone agrees that body paint will do? (Make you sneakier)
8) What is the targets address? (#9 Pointy Place)
9) What is the name of the Mighty Chad's x-wife? (Ailgurthra)
10) Name a well formed and miss-spelled body part. (But/Butt)
Congrats on Dardigalish getting all 10 correct!

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