Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Crack Town: Cursed, Blessed or just Tectonically Challenged?

Welcome to Crack Town!

Crack Town
Few have seen this tiny village which is located on grassy knoll.  This is no surprise as the hill is enchanted to relocate itself every 3d6 days. Moreover, it's also invisible to outsiders. Maybe you know a friend of a friend who can help you find it or maybe you'll stumble upon it through blind luck. For those few who are "in the know" it's home to a number of unique shops well worth visiting.

The bean shaped knoll measures approximately 600’ x 450’ and is typically about 40 feet at its apex. Thirty structures are interconnected by winding paths under a canopy of ancient trees. Such notable denizens include Clogg Narr, Orbo the Great, the Crack In The Hill Gang and the Mighty Ishtar/Glaaarg Temple. As the name suggests a crack runs north to south dividing the hill cleanly into two sections. Once the hill comes to rest in a new locale each side of the hill magically adjusts its height relative to the other half based on the morality of the area. If Crack Town appears in Urkey, the hill side with Glaaargs temple rises higher. If Crack Town ends up in Doi, then the other hill section with Ishtars temple on it will be higher. Foundations mystically reconstitute themselves so the structures remain upright. Basements and related underground areas are constantly in flux. It has even been known from time to time that one's basement may be completely replaced with entrances to underground areas native to the region.

Here is a quick overview if you happen to visiting or accidentally blunder onto it while taking the zlog out for a walk:

The hill itself has a gentle roll to it. A rich green static grass grows everywhere, flegstone footpaths connect each structure. The buildings are Croftperson style and the gay colors kept in good repair. It has a chirpy small town feel to it that is in no way fake or spooky. On the north end is the mighty temple of Ishtar/Glaaarg constructed on the only exposed outcroppings of the finest rail rock. As noted earlier the temple straddles the crack that divides the hill and in fact the temple is also split along this fault allowing the two sections to slide up and down. It is home to a host of acolyte Yogi-Rabbis in training who wear reversible robes. Located in the hills center is the smart looking park of blasted statuary. Arrayed around the park are a number of unique businesses including Grimm Sweets, Emporium O and Slee Roth the Curd carver. On the other side of the crack is the knolls one place of lodging and drink, the wildly popular Krums Inn. On the south end of the mound is located the guild hall of CITHG sneaks guild hall run by Bozo Whippet. All in all approximately 140 beings call this place home.

Crack Town is the new home base for the current summer campaign, already two sessions old. More on those as soon as I get them written!

PDF link to the Crack Town map HERE

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