Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merchandising Juggernaut

Happy Festivus
to all the
Swordinga Swinging Rubbernecks
of the world!

Look for these bee-yoot-afull designs...and more!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shameless Promotion: Blind RPG

Its official. Blind debuts at Gary Con IX.

Information at: http://blindrpg.blogspot.com/

The print version available spring 2017. Includes rules and 3 experiences.

Friday, December 16, 2016



Size: 10 feet
Number: 1
Movement: floats 50 feet per Na-nuta
Disposition: Performs acts of evil to prove itself
Heat vision: Yes
Surprise: +4
CHP: See hair color, below
Muscle Power: 2d12 (Ave 12)
Cerebral Energy: d12+14  (Ave 26)
Nimbality: d6+8 (Ave 11)
Armor: None, however may only be harmed by creatures who themselves are bald.
Blind Panic: 65%

These malign creatures are as feared as they are rare. A Whisp-loc is created when a Gargo-goat eats a single strand of a sleeping female Arcanists hair during a gibbous moon. The creepazoid is released 12 days later from the excrement fully formed. It’s sole desire is to outperform (by a factor of at least ten) the Arcanist donor in every way. To accomplish this it will use the most direct and immoral means necessary to inflate its ego. Whisp-locs have the same abilities as an Arcanist (including combat arts, MERP and spell usage). If you meet one, run. These things void insurance covenants at 1,000 yards. Good luck. 

x2 claw slashes inflict 1d8 PHP each (cannot use these attacks and cast a spell).

May set fire to itself (inflicting normal burning damage), however the effect is so olfactorily vile that all creatures in a 60 ft radius must pass an insanity factor check or suffer an effect from the Freakout matrix (p:130).

May completely unravel to escape. This takes 1d4 Na-nutas and the 100 meter strand can slither into the smallest space at a speed of 160 feet per Na-nuta.

Hair Color: Roll a d4
1) Gray: CHP: 14d4/Arcanist Grid 4
2) Black: CHP: 16d4/Arcanist Grid 5
3) Blonde: CHP: 18d4/Arcanist Grid 6
4) Red: CHP: 20d4/Arcanist Grid 7

Live Action Rule:
If the Crypt Lord catches any player fiddling with their hair the combat sequence is instantly reset to the beginning of a new Na-nuta. All actions that may have been performed are lost. As always to start the new Na-nuta scroll, pincer, ingot is used to see which side strikes first. However, the player side is restricted from using ingot during the determination.

The lowdown on the “Weird” non-popular game stats: Some of the terms can be intuited and converted. If this seems an arduous task simply leave a nice note in my comments and I’ll throw some stats together for that unmentionable more popular game. The other option is to...never mind.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Way to Generate Random Stuff on the Fly

I like my dice, but sometimes they get in the way. This often happens when role playing conversations and I need to pull something off a list somewhere to spark my creativity. I have always loved that commercial where the two people walk into each other, one is eating from an open jar of peanut butter, the other munching on a chocolate bar. "Heyyy....you got your dice in my table...." 

I took the listings from Mr. Sabbath's "d100 Brutalizer" post and put them on cards I printed out that look like this. His list has around 200 entries, each one of my cards holds 24. His list makes a good demonstration of this format.

Here is how they work. Spin them around so a random side is up. There is a hex shaped card on top that is broken into two rings of six zones. Rotate it and slide your thumb down. You will get a number from 1 - 6 and either an "R" or "C".

I check the hex card result, in this case a 3R, which means 3 REPEAT. I slide the cards down so the 3 slot on each is visible. I got "Barbecued Toe" as a result. Because this can be done while doing something else, (like talking) it's a seamless way to throw in random stuff during play. No flipping through books.

The original purpose was to generate random city encounters on the fly. For example, the players walk into a bar and they see...

...a Mengweer Bucklemaker who says "didn't I kill you once"?