Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gargofiend (or "Have you had your cargo screened?")


Size: 3 feet tall
Number: 1, 2, 3, 4-5, 2d4...
Move: 30/90 (special TT)
Disposition: Pesky little devils
Heat Vision: Yes
Surprise: 0 (+6 if TT)
CHP: 1d8+2
Muscle Power: 2d6
Cerebral Energy: 1d12
Nimbality: 1d6
Armor: +1 Chitinous bumps
Blind Panic: 25%

Live Action Rule: If any player at the table says any of the following:
"Fiend" add 1d10 Gargofiends
"Gargofiend" add 2d10 Gargofiends
"Gargofiends" add 2d20 Gargofiends
Rymes with "Gargo" or "Fiend" 3d20 each rhyme
(in the case of the pit, they teletransport up onto the bridge next to the persona uttering the offending word).

x1 horn rake for 1 PHP damage
x2 claws for 1d4 PHP damage each

A Gargofiend may teletransport once a day up to 1,000 feet or to any player who breaks the above LAR.

Description: These diminutive crab clawed fiends have but a single eye that never blinks.  They are slimy, repulsive and covered with festering bumps.  No one knows where they come from.  The Moot of Fooglee has hundreds of these hideous creatures trapped in an open pit under the rope bridge leading to the main gate of the city. "Gargoshushers" patrol the entrance to keep those entering the city from uttering restricted words.

Above, the original thumbnail, then the first inking.  Layout inspired by DAT from original MM. Comment on which you like best, personally I like the pupil centered under the claw tip better.

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