Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Printer's Proof from Lulu

I received my proof copy of Crypts-N-Creepies yesterday from Lulu. I decided that giving it away for free just wasn't working for me anymore.  So I finally got it uploaded and...well here it is.  I think what inspired my to get this to print was buying Yoon-Suin, which looked great.

Inside looks great.  Just like my fancy home made one, but much cheaper.  I was worried that the binding on these print to order books wasn't going to be good, but they are.

So here is the plan.  There are a few minor typos to fix.  The only part of my rule set that is lacking is the number of Creepazoids provided and artwork for them.  Right now I'm running at 160 pages. I'm going to add in 10 more Creepazoids and fill out the missing artwork.

BTW, if anyone has comments on the cover art, put your thoughts in the comments, below.  Also, If anyone is interested in contributing artwork for the individual Creepies, please contact me.  All this will get done in a couple of weeks.

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