Thursday, October 8, 2015

Vision of Flo Growing Horns

I learned from playing with my son's group that chicks dig horns. I think this has been in the media somewhere.  This love of horns has now infected my group....

These are Boram's notes for the proverbial quiz.  I think it speaks volumes for the game.  More pics:

IF the players had caught me savoring this exquisite Cheeto, (which sadly they did not) it would have earned them a +2 to hit.  You may have noticed some smaller people in the pics, they don't know it yet but C-N-C may be in their future....more games this weekend...Chill and maybe C-N-C....

(Astute visitors may have noticed a phone number penciled on the lid of my dice holder.   Dialing it will connect you to a 1980's version of me).  

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