Monday, October 19, 2015

Fire In the Hole

I have this guy in one of my games who likes to hoard and throw grenades.  This has spurred me to clean up my "grenade chucking" subset of the core rule book.  Careful readers, I am sure, have noticed the scant nature of guidelines for missile discharge.   As it stands I give no indication of how to factor a "to hit value' (oh, silly me).   For my games, I have always said the floor is a 10 or better to hit, personas would then mod this based on Nimbality, range, wind speed, Urth's rotation, etcetera.  (This would mean that hitting the floor and a Nimbality 8 defender wearing carpet armor would be identical). Enough chittychatty:

Have the lobbing persona place a suitable chit to mark the desired point of impact.  Calculate the distance and divide by 5, rounding fractions up.  This number becomes the Base "to hit value".  Now mod the Base "to hit value" by seeing if the Other Modifiers apply.  Now you will have a final number needed to hit.

Roll a D20:

If it's not a hit, it's a MISS.  Pick a heading from the desired impact point and call it 12 o'clock.  Roll a d12,  The result is the direction based on 12 o'clock you direct the miss.  Next, roll a d10 and add to 10,  This is the amount of feet the miss is off in that direction.

If it is a hit, check the GRIT table above.  Look at the row that corresponds to the number you needed to obtain a hit. 

If the result falls in the range of CLOSE, determine direction (as above) but only roll a d8 for the amount of footage off.

If the result falls in the Spot On range the bomb lands dead on where the impact chit was placed.

In effect, throwing a grenade is not a totally binary affair.  A miss can end up in some pretty unexpected places and a hit can now range from Close to Spot On.

Narrgrog is throwing a napalm grenade into a room with two creeps in it.  The Basement Leader has her place a chit where she wants her bomb to land.  Range is 40 feet, so 40 divided by 5 is 8.  Ceiling is 10 feet, so that's a minus 2.  Shown in red is the Arc Triangle, the base side is 20 feet centered on the impact chit.  It is hard to see, BUT the sides cross over the corners, so that's another -4.  Our moded roll is 14 or better to hit.  Narrgrog can now factor in her own mods (skill, Nimbality, etcetera).  This is a good tactic, a miss here is no big deal.

Narrgrog has a Nimbality of 12, giving her a +3 to hit.  This gives her a final "to hit value" of 11. She rolls a D20 and gets a 12.  It's a hit.  Looking at the GRIT matrix it's only a close hit.  The Crypt Lord sets the direction clock (12 o'clock shown in black).  A D12 is rolled and a 7 comes up for the direction away from the intended impact point.  Finally, a d8 is rolled for distance.  A 5 is generated, so the Napalm grenade lands 5 feet away from the center, as shown by the red X.  Time for Blind Panic rolls.

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