Sunday, September 27, 2015

From Basement Leader to Chill Master

As mentioned before, my oldest ran his friends through Numenera.  Not loved, So I suggested this....

Bought and played in '84.  Probably on the top 10 list of RPG's of all time.  It's on my top 5 for sure.

The players....Every now and then I'll tell them how the nice people from Pacesetter were disgruntled x-TSR employees, or that the system is highly regarded for it's Quality Results Matrix...but their eyes glaze over pretty much instantly.  Whatever.  They are unraveling a mystery set on July 4th 2015 in the small town of Gould, 30 miles south of Dixon Illinois.

Somebody is asking too many questions...  Ann is Jeb's second wife?  Why does she wear gloves?  And Frank, how does he figure into the mystery?  Is it a coincidence that Ann's old family house is abandoned? Stay tuned!

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