Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crying Fetish Resister

I ran my son's group last Sunday:

A few quotes:
"I'm the person who does all the dangerous work"
"I'm the one who stands in the back while everyone fights one another"
"I'm a really nice looking blob of flesh"

Elthara the sneak is kind of ugly.  The ugliness manifests itself mostly in her head, so by wearing a circlet that makes her head invisible, she gets a +2 Force Factors.

They are in Kananas Abode (which I wrote in '88).  He is an Arcanist too busy to deal with the Gargorat problem in his abode.  So he teletransports a bunch of crypt openers (he has never met) and turns them loose.  They have 12 hours.  Sounds about right?  Sure.  This is where they left off, in room Q with about 12 G-rats in it.  Somebody had to say "rat" and "rats"....stupid LAR's... 

Here's a pic of a Gargorat.  "You guys want some doors opened?"*  

*This is in reference to the G-rats origin, namely from the rules in XnX about typical dungeon doors.  In the game, players had only a small chance to open them while down in the dungeon, they were typically stuck fast.  However, the doors "automatically" would open for monsters.  So the joke was, that you would walk into a bar there would be a small table with a bunch of rats around it drinking beers and eating cheese.  They would say "Hey you guys want some doors opened?" and then laugh hysterically.

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