Thursday, November 5, 2015


A Teleportal is a quasi-mystical gateway that will transport creatures/objects to some predestined location.  They start out as seeds and are planted in an ornate vessel (urn, pot, jar) filled with transdimensional peat. As the seedling grows (in 4-16 weeks) the destination, in the form of Quadranulic Muttering must be whispered to the plant for one Gar-nuta each day. Once matured the Teleportal springs from the vessel in an ornate spiral of micro-rune text addresses, about 8 feet tall and 6 feet in diameter. These characters slowly emanate from the soil and travel around the spiral until they disappear in the destination vortex in the center. Those studied in the art can look at the info stream and make an informed guess as to where the portal might lead. Teleportals can transport anyone/thing that enters in the vortex to the preset target destination. This happens as soon as the creature/object comes into contact with the center of the spiral. The player will be pulled into the ether and for one Nano-instant have their molecules stretched between both nodes. A Na-nuta later, their atoms are recombined at the target destination. There is a .001% chance that objects passing through are assembled backwards. Note, objects larger than the TP dimensions are affected, they are condensed as they are sucked in. Some teleportals simply purge their travelers at a preset destination out of thin air, others are connected to another Teleportal allowing two way travel.

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