Monday, March 30, 2015

Do Not Mock the Mock-up: Gary Con VII

Here I will summarize my Gary Con experience:

The road to Gary Con was fraught with possible danger...and......Cheese.

I did stop to go "wee" at some point on highway 50.  Fortunately I did not have any coins on hand...perhaps if I had...well then I could have fallen victim to "Try all 4". 
I was welcomed by this sign.  (Why is there a dot inside the O?  A confused half-umlaut, perhaps?)

I have never attended before.  Literally, as soon as I had my badge, Bruce (the DM in red) asked me to join his game.  We  fought a bunch of lizard guys.  Isn't wearing a red shirt asking for trouble?   Thank you, Bruce! 
Here are some of the menu options. Obviously, the fruit is fake, bringing organic matter such as this for consumption to a game convention would be utter madness.  The real consumables are shown wrapped in protective plastic.

I played Metamorphosis Alpha that evening....we were given this really cool map.  There was a snafu, however.  The GM started an hour early, so when the real players showed, I got bumped.

Gary's typewriter made an appearance.  Well, if you look closely it reads "...used a portable Royal typewriter like this one..."  The Smokes might be his.

Detail of the Parker Bros rejection letter for "Dungeon".  Although, it's not technically a rejection, it talks about how they are just too busy and can't look at anything.  It's a pre-rejection letter.

In the men's restroom Star Wars "Muzak" was been played through speakers above the urinals.  I did not check to see if the urinal cakes had Disney logos on them.

At 8am on Saturday, I joined this group to play D&D 3.5.  I had fun.  Reading all the complex rules was a little like having a spike slowly pushed through my head.

This was downstairs in the miniatures room.  Typical of the event.  The day was billed as "Hawaiian Shirt Day".

Another Hawaiian shirt.  Or is it Fez day?  I forget.
And finally, your Basement Leader mocking a mock-up of Sheldon while a mock Roman centurion looks on.  Looking forward to next year! 

A review of the Towering Inferno of Death will follow.  Stay tuned.

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