Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crypt Openers Storm the Mighty Towering Inferno of Death at Gary Con VII

This is the debut of C-N-C at Gary Con.  There were no trumpets, flower petals or limos.

I knew being an unknown would sharply reduce my chances of filling up seats for my adventure.  However, my experience from the day before was comforting as people would scramble on the hour to find a chair before the music stopped.
I was very surprised when I met my friend Donn (AKA the "Filth") who drove down from an undisclosed location to play.  My game was scheduled to run at 1:00 pm on table 22 in the predominately miniatures room.  At 12:30 table 22 was still choked with a massive model of a castle.  It turned out, putting this beast away would take up an hour, so it was time for "plan B".  I accosted one of the friendly G-Con representatives who found me an open table....in the VIP room.
I knew this could spell doom for my adventure...I had one person sign up online and I had the Filth, but two players a proper adventure do not make.  They suggested playing two personas each, but well I basically said no.  Being in the VIP room would mean not being exposed to the traffic flow that would allow me to snare a poor sucker(s) to play, so it was time to improvise.  the "Filth" bribed the Bard to sing songs titled "Table seven needs players" and I grabbed the green Players Needed sign and went foraging.  I found one player in the restaurant, another sitting in the hall.  Four bodies....that's all I needed.
And so...here we all are.  Near the fire place is "Gary's" table, to the right J. Ward is running a "Girls Only" game.  (Is that genius or...?).  The "Filth" sits to my immediate left playing Boom Boom the Lohg Yogi-Rabbi.  In black, is my player (who signed up online) Mark playing an Arcanist named Klee Va Va Klee.  The woman next to him is Kathryn, playing Grognarr, a Slashmonger.  On my right is Kevin, playing Jool Smoothbore a Welf Sneak.  (I like how C-N-C) makes my spell checker light up like a summer storm).
My adventure was profusely embellished with top notch illustrations, like this.  Here you can see the Missive Monks of Murkey.  I went to art school, can you tell?
Here is an action shot of the adventure.  Not sure what is going on...  I do recall being asked at some point if I had ever drunk my own sweat....
Another fantastic image from the game, this is a "Teleportal".
I think the Crypt Openers are reading the Inferno Rhyme to see what this particular room is all about (....shhhh.....I think it's DEATH).  Can you believe, at one point I thought I would be overloaded with 8 players?
Successful and meritorious completion of the TIoD garners this certificate.  Many thanks to those who played....I know I had a great time, indications were that everyone else did as well!  Hope to see all 4 of you next year.....
(Note, the TIoD adventure module will be digitized and added to Swag Product soon....)

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