Friday, January 30, 2015

Towering Inferno of Death at Gary Con VII

It's official (until they figure it out), Crypts-N-Creepies is "Legit".  For four long hours on Saturday, March 28th, at 1pm - 5pm up to 8 hale cheaters of death will attempt to survive the flaming spire of doom!  I will be the man behind the curtain, assuming I am not apprehended at the border.  I invite you all, verily I dare you to best me in a deadly game of frivolous banter, off-brand snack consumption and rolling the highest random numbers with platonic solids!  No one is my Master!  Arrrrr!

Postscript: Did anyone notice that the old pic said "The Towering Inefrno of Death"?  Goes to show that you (all 3) are either 1) not on the ball, 2) distracted by anything orange, synthetic and powdery and 3) are indeed siwne.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crypt Lord Nugget #3: Look Into The Eyes Of Tom Baker........

Last night I watched the Golden Voyage of Sinbad.  It opens with them at sea.  A mysterious winged creature hovers above the ship.  One guy says it's a "seagull", even though it's black, leathery and has bat wings.  (There is one in every crew).   Somebody shoots an arrow and it drops a golden goodie onto the deck.  Another crewman says "it's cursed", but Sinbad quickly picks it up and beholds a vision of a sorceress and beautiful girl with (a badly) painted eye on her palm.  Sinbad immediately tells the crew they are going to solve the riddle of this mystery.  All this in the first 4 minutes!  Quickly enough they meet the evil Koura, a man in a golden mask, a lazy boy and slave girl. 
Oh yes!  Sinbad never thinks to check for traps, he just moves forward through the door...sword in hand.  He catches up to Koura in a temple lit by colored lights and challenges him.  Koura throws his sword to Shiva, who sprouts a sword in each hand and attacks in Koura's place.  There is no explanation....Sinbad hurls himself into the fight even though it is pretty clear he has no idea just how he will defeat such a formidable foe.  Bravo!  The hungry maw of doom widens!  GO!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crypt lord Nugget #2: Rope Bridges

When creating an adventure, think rope bridge.  Sure, every setting needs a plethora of mundane junk, hallways, blood encrusted idols, caves, anterooms, doors and moldering tapestries.  This basic stuff is the spongie yellow material that is the cakey part of every Twinkie.  Does anyone care if the oak in your doors comes from the Zillbilly forest in upper Gretchenstien?  Nope.  They are here to ride the Swartzpunk double ferris wheel hanging from the bottom of cloud city.  Or ride on the back of the giant Shai Halood into battle against 12,000 Dhark Omens.  Or rocket line into the flaming battlements of the Iron Towering Inferno (of death).  I call these rope bridges.  They are areas of concentric wowmania.  They are fantastical and can be manipulated by the players for exponential excitement.  Like that rope bridge scene in that movie.  What idiot cuts the rope?  (Answer, the one across from you with their hand in the bowl of Funyuns).

Monday, January 5, 2015

Naming your dog Arpeegee is just confusing.....

4 boys (and one adult?) + one partially cleaned basement = mayhem.  We played C-N-C on the 4th.  Two of the boys are family, the twins...well they are twins.  Almost as confusing as being a Warf.  Anyway, here is a snap from the event, in which, unfortunately Javilen's dog, (RPG) was completely dissolved.  Yes, it's a dogs life in the British...never mind.   I recorded the quiz this time, so you could get a taste of it.  See if you can answer these questions:  1) What was on the plate?  2) How old is Mcan?  3) How did every one know each other?  4) What was the name of spider # 10?  5) What was the name of spider # 9?  6) What was Arpeegee's Nimbality?  7) What fell on the bench?  8) What should you never trust?  9) What was the pick up line used to lure the Dwarf into the backpack?  10) What is the name of the persona on your left? 

My two fave answers: #5 Click click click click click click click click click  and # 9 "I need you to be my sacrifice at some point".