Friday, January 30, 2015

Towering Inferno of Death at Gary Con VII

It's official (until they figure it out), Crypts-N-Creepies is "Legit".  For four long hours on Saturday, March 28th, at 1pm - 5pm up to 8 hale cheaters of death will attempt to survive the flaming spire of doom!  I will be the man behind the curtain, assuming I am not apprehended at the border.  I invite you all, verily I dare you to best me in a deadly game of frivolous banter, off-brand snack consumption and rolling the highest random numbers with platonic solids!  No one is my Master!  Arrrrr!

Postscript: Did anyone notice that the old pic said "The Towering Inefrno of Death"?  Goes to show that you (all 3) are either 1) not on the ball, 2) distracted by anything orange, synthetic and powdery and 3) are indeed siwne.

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