Monday, January 5, 2015

Naming your dog Arpeegee is just confusing.....

4 boys (and one adult?) + one partially cleaned basement = mayhem.  We played C-N-C on the 4th.  Two of the boys are family, the twins...well they are twins.  Almost as confusing as being a Warf.  Anyway, here is a snap from the event, in which, unfortunately Javilen's dog, (RPG) was completely dissolved.  Yes, it's a dogs life in the British...never mind.   I recorded the quiz this time, so you could get a taste of it.  See if you can answer these questions:  1) What was on the plate?  2) How old is Mcan?  3) How did every one know each other?  4) What was the name of spider # 10?  5) What was the name of spider # 9?  6) What was Arpeegee's Nimbality?  7) What fell on the bench?  8) What should you never trust?  9) What was the pick up line used to lure the Dwarf into the backpack?  10) What is the name of the persona on your left? 

My two fave answers: #5 Click click click click click click click click click  and # 9 "I need you to be my sacrifice at some point".

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