Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Plan B

There is going to be a lot of new stuff here in the coming months. The V1 version of C-N-C is currently being upgraded to V2.  I have been saving old grocery bags for years to make the pages:

Text is nonsense
This is a sample page layout. There will be a couple dozen different page backgrounds. I have a very sophisticated method for generating these:

I draw designs, print them on the bags..

...and use this rig and my phone to photograph them. I want the game to look like a Hobo's notebook. Some of you have seen the art that is being created, here is a typical example of a Gargo-Rat:

"Want us to open some doors?"
Because I am also a model builder I am building physical models of the illustrations, that will become images in the book.  Here is a worshiper of Ishtar that's next up to get photo-shopped:

She's 1/12 scale, I'll make some sort of background and "work my magic".

So, imagine these guys, but bigger and (I was going to say "cooler", but stopped myself). I made these way back.  I really like Manitoba on the far left.

I have lots of stuff to do...here is a "Rending Sucker" that will get turned into a model and photographed.

This is the Lulu cover...Absolutely no stupid character groups on the front. The gist is, there will be V2 coming (I apologize if your a Londoner). A whole new section on Pith, the sandbox stuff will all be rewritten and put in to make campaigns and I have a system worked out I call "Thumbtrixes". New substance and the fluffy bells and whistles, but I PROMISE ON A STACK OF BIBLES it will still be the game you have always known and loved.

Let's not forget the great adventures coming out of Gary Con.

There is also The Game With No Name. Normally I don't get excited (I have people for that), but I am excited about this. Making this has opened a very interesting door. 

All of this will be in print. End of message. That is all. Carry on.

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