Friday, September 4, 2015

Dry Paint Garners 7.0 From Judges

I have taken up the brush again.  I painted my first miniature in '77.  My character was the first female in the group.  There were no female adventure miniatures then, so I just re-purposed a Medusa:

More on her later.  I found some good stuff packed away.

Here's the new one, my second uploded to Cool Mini or Not.  I am happy with it, happy enough anyways. The pic makes it look better than it really is.  I thought this one would land at 6.5 on the CMoN scale, the fact it's a bit higher than that is nice.  This is Morland, a Devil's Shadow Mutineer.  This blister has three models.  I'm painting Zira....I stripped her once already.  Having a hard time with her neck.  I have had neck issues with larger models as well.  Ahem.

There has been a lot of gaming in my basement, three, no four games I think.  I ran my son and his friends a bit then turned the torch over to them.  In this pic my son is the nefarious Crypt Lord.  I think they are robbing a magic shop.

Another view.  Jackie Boy and Joey the Killer.  Some sort of excitement, I think.  Or the soda doing it's work.

Elthara Shadowalker and the Basement Leader.  My other son ran his friends through a Numenera adventure.  I love the book...upon reflection the rules seem a bit disorganized and creating "dungeons" for the players seems challenging.  I need another game like I need a hole in my head.  Speaking of which...

I created an inside leaf for my table (which I got at a church rummage sale for $5).  Now my table can be 4 x 6.  (Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted the Milton Bradley Crossfire game in the upper right corner).

Why would one need such a large table?  To play Blucher on, of course!  (More on that later).

I leave you with some new IP created by my son for his adventure.  More to come (I have an idea for some really cool arrows that travel backwards in time....)

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