Wednesday, July 8, 2015

...Wanna get small?

Your about to enter your fave bar to relax and blow off some steam.  As you near the door a Welf in a slinky black robe steps out of the shadows.  She holds out a partially open matchbox in her hand that looks like it has a tiny crypt in it.  After a long na-nuta she asks "Wanna get small?  There are only three rules.  6 hours, take what you want, live or die".

Let's do it.
Another great pair of game sessions with my son and his friends, J and M.  (M not pictured).  My son is a Welt Yogi-Rabbi and J is a Khitain Slashmonger.

Here is some of the crypt, in scale for fighting.  I took some notes and I have written down: "Can I get an experience point for taking a selfie with the Evil Bhudha?" and "Is she dead.....cow, cow cow!"  In the big room on the top is a big pile of treasure (now who would mess with that?) and two fountains.  Is it a rule that you have to drink?  It should be, but it's way more fun when they do it all by themselves....

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