Thursday, May 14, 2015

If You Can Read This.....

I have been going through stuff to sell on Ebay and came across a bunch of my old minis that have not seen the light of day for more than 20 years.  I figured since Fury Road is coming out this week...
....I would post some pics of Car Wars minis I made when the game came out.  Here is the Green Machine, carved out of balsa and mounted on card stock.  It's to scale, i.e., 1 inch long.
This is the Grey Ghost....this time carved out of pink insulation foam.  Car Wars, the only game that took 1 hour of real time to play 1 second in the game.  It was that or Gilligan's Island.
Finally, this is my friend Mike the Mangler's car, a beautiful brown Town & Country wagon.  It was fun to put ourselves in the game and run over pedestrians (they had guns!).  I almost threw these away.  They are tiny, so that's something....There is something cool and nostalgic about them.  I got 5 bucks for my Car Wars game on Ebay.  Enjoy!

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  1. Your little balsa and foam cars are magnificent! Way back when I still played Car Wars, I tried to do the same to make 3D playing pieces, but I always mangled each bit of balsa and eventually gave up. It's great to know someone managed to succeed at it!

    Judging by the number of new releases, car combat games are experiencing a huge renaissance, and most of them have modified Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars as an option for ambitious players. I love that notion, as you can easily make ridiculously cool-looking battle cars, but I still love the original, petite 1" Car Wars scale vehicles for their portability and the ability to play huge arenas and roadways on small surfaces. While the best way to make them would be to 3D-print them, I don't yet have the means for such a doohickey, nor the knowledge to draw up 3D blueprint images. Perhaps I should take another crack at whittling balsa sticks...