'Yon of Ofaz

Here's..."you know".

Session #1: (June 24th, 2018  C/G/E/N/M)
'Yon of Ofaz Session #1

Session #2: (July 16th, 2018  C/G/E/N/M/J)
The Blorgs "welcome" you! (kinda)

Session #3: (July 23rd, 2018 C/G/E/N/L)
Blorgs serving Slorggs

Session #4:  (August 6th, 2018 C/G/E/N/M/J/K)
"I found a thing and put it in my brain"

Session #5  (August 13th, 2018 C/G/N/M/J/K)
Dromader is NOT Polish for Camel (I think)

Session #6 (August 16th, 2018 C/G/M/K/J)
Yes, 3,000 minus 1 equals 2,999

Session #7 (August 18th, 2018 C/G/N/M/K/L)
Talking Like Peter Lorre On An Opium Kick or YES, IT'S A TRAP

Session #8 (September 16th, C/L/J/S/M)
Your Collar Awaits

C-Caleb, G-Griffin, E-Eden, N-Nathan, M-Moisa, L-Liam, J-Justina, K-Krissy, S-Shelby, M-Max

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