Wednesday, August 8, 2018

'Yon of Ofaz Session #4

"I found a thing and put it in my brain"

We find our beloved troupe hiding within the Blorg homestead. Bowling ball sized raindrops hammer the tin roof. There is much squabbling, in spite of the fact that Dorta has removed herself to the barn. A barn which is home to the troupe’s unwanted retinue, 50 Gnylls. Back in the 10x12 foot abode of the Blorgs, DurBurDuke rediscovers the cinnamon smell behind a tattered curtain of the WC. He scrambles up the wall and finds a strange twisted object that is the source of the licorice smell. After gently testing its tensile strength, he opens the tent flap to his "mind shack" and hands it off to his inner self to be hoarded with all the other junk that will presumably become inventions someday. An hour or so more passes and the storm gives way to a dead calm.

There is much discussion on individuals either relieving themselves inside or outside. Sadly.

A strange honking sound, like the plaintive bleat of an old bicycle horn is heard approaching in the distance. The troupe (DurBurDuke, Fred, Oda, Gwen, Crys-Tle and Olga) go outside to watch whatever it is slowly fly closer. A spyglass reveals the object to be a large top hat with wings. Behind the hat is a large swarm of bees.

"Topper" and 3,000 Beese
The majestic accoutrement of fashionable men’s outerwear glides gently down in the eerie silence and lands nearby. Fred approaches and reaches out to possibly put the hat on his head, but is slapped by one of it's robo arms. Fearing random uninvited wearing, the hat hops up to perch on the corrugated tin roof. Painfully it begins to dawn on the troupe that this hat is not just another mindless fashion accessory to be placed on one's head! The personas all start asking questions to which the hat answers by gesticulation and honking a horn. Meanwhile, the Schwartzer of the group begins work on a new all metal door (to replace the wrecked one of the hovel) and a mechanical squawk box designed to enable the hat to talk. As a stopgap a pad of paper is produced and the hat writes out it's name: Topper.

Garlic flavored Kool-aide?
The eerie silence silence is broken by the distant sound, not unlike a freight train. After Chrs Tle the Arcanist counts the bees (there are 3000), on cue everyone decides to cram themselves quickly back into the tiny house. Added to the host is Topper and 3000 Beese. The owner of the house, Muk Blorg opts instead to run outside to take his chances with the approaching tarnodos. Of the owners, only the pet Zlog remains. DurBurDuke installs his new metal door. As he opens the tent flap into his “mind shack” Topper scoots inside to see what sort of junk he has hoarded. In the collected junk she finds a licorice main spring and decides to appropriate it. Ramone, the mental version of DurBurDuke that lives within the “mind shack” looks on. Ramone and DurBurDuke have some issues and have learned to avoid each other.

All the while the homestead has been lifted aloft by the raging winds outside, only a stout chain secured to an ancient rock keeps the one room hovel from being consumed by the mighty winds. After what seems like ages, the house gently settles back to urth, one can hear three bird-oids chirping, clearly a signal that the storm has passed. Outside all the troupe finds of Muk is his indeterminately left or right shoe. Topper tries out setting on the Schwartzers head, there is some fear that he may be engulfed or menaced by the hat’s unknown interior. In the end nothing goes amiss. DurBurDuke pulls out a ratty looking multi-seat bicycle and starts peddling off to the south, towards The Wall, and hopefully, eventual freedom. The rest of the troupe cannot resist the shiny diamond twinkling of the unexplored citadel to their north east...they begin walking that way. Neither party looks back, or yells out a sarcastic farewell.

Welcome to the newest drinker of the Garlic Kool-aid and until next time!

Here be the rest of the mighty troupe:

Quiz to session #4:

1: What is the drink of REDACTED?
2: Which Blorg has access to the kitchen?
3: What do all intelligent animals do?
4: What does BEM stand for?
5: What do I like (Me, the Crypt Lord)?
6: When Fred told the Gnylls to “fetch” what insults did they yell at him?
7: What is the volumetric equivalent of 3000 bees?
8: What phrase was thought to be trademarkable?
9: The Wall bisects what two countries?
10: Name three things we know the precise numbers of:

Answers (no peeking!)
2: Muk
3: Poop outside
4: Bug Eyed Monster
5: Metagaming
6: “Get a job”, “Get the mail” and “Go shave”
7: A “car” or three oxen
8: “It’s an Arcanist thing”
9: Bim Tuck Boo and Urkey
10: 3 birds, 2 bits of korn and 3000 bees.  

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