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Dusty PennGooInn #1 August 23rd 2020

Troupe: Meep, Ivern, Cassius, Smock and Philton
Garage Leader: Ro
Medium: Spatially Enhanced RPG (played in my open garage)

The scene is a crowded subterranean maze of prison cells secretly tucked under the royal palace in Fooburg. Law breakers are being herded in groups from one area to the next. We now follow a small trio being pushed into the opening of a cage squatting on a series of small rollers leading a short distance to the spiraling maw of a teleportal. A guard yells to them “pull the chain when you feel wind on your face”. The door is then shut and they are kicked into the dimensional vortex.

What a motley group! Philton is a folicalily challenged Warf. Cassius is aloof and standing as far from the others as the cage allows. Smock is a cute rag doll who somehow got tangled up with the law. (The Moot of Fooglee is the only civilised place where a Raggle could be thrown in prison). The three inspect the chain which leads up to a winch. On the other end is a large rust eaten anchor. They also notice on the floor a tiny shriveled fish. There is a plate embossed with tiny runes which reads “In case main system failure: hydrate fish”.

As Zethertraps and monolocazoids streak by, a soft golden glow forms in the center of their box. In less than a na-nuta it expands becoming two figures. The first is an old Hume wearing the robes of the Arcanist fraternity: Ivern. The second is a doughy looking, yet resplendent Ankh-mite: Meep. The three prisoners waste no precious energy on being surprised by this, for in less than a na-nuta they will exit the other end of the teleportal out into who knows where.

Suddenly the white noise of wind replaces the streaking noiseless whirl of the Zetherscape. It is almost as if a celestial sand timer had suddenly been started. Watching the individual grains wiggle in slow motion only increases the tension of the ground hurtling upward. Somebody has the sense to pull the chain. The winch unwinds until there is a lurch as the sky anchor bites into a cloud. They impact the ground forcefully enough so that the cage door breaks open. Before crawling out Philton pockets the shriveled fish.

It is night. They are in a featureless arid waste of a land. Not far away is a freestanding structure. There is movement in the glow from its many windows. Behind the ramshackle building are mountains that look like a monstrous set piece. Voices can be heard above the plinking of the steam organ. Seems obvious, everyone begins walking towards the structure.

They can see after a few steps that there is an open tent between them and the building. A warf sits at a low table and cheerfully motions them closer once they make eye contact. He wears the gaudy robes of an Arcanist. “Sit down, let me pour you a drink. You can call me Boogha”. Everyone sits. Philton nods towards the building “you got anything to drink?”. A stale jug of Ancient Style and parchment cups are produced. The Acananist begins talking as the troupe sips one of the oldest beverages on Urth. “ a collector of these smooth rocks. Yeah, that’s right.” He gestures towards an old barrel. Piled in it are the rocks which are old chunks of ancient tek, some of which are still partially clad in an off-white shell.

There is not a lot of discussion, perhaps the impact with the ground is still fresh in their minds. Or their bodies are rejecting the liquid being thoughtlessly being poured into them. “You're gonna need some coins if you want to go there” motioning to the building. “I’ll pay you 400 hgp for each rock”. Cassius suddenly speaks “We need a wand too.” Boogah leans back which causes his robe to shift and reveal his own wand sticking out of his belt. The Grant wonders how big his wand saber would be. Ultimately a price is decided and the troupe walks off into the night towards the ancient site. A torch gives off a ten foot circle of light. The path ends at a crevasse. In the blackness beyond they can make out the white noise of something...hundreds of limbs which are likely attached to… Chunks of an ancient place hang out beyond the edge suspended by tree trunk sized rebar. The troupe walks across them to islands of plascrete.

They walk from one to another, backtracking when the rebar ends. After a bit of this they come across an intact structure, rounded and cylindrical. At the same time they discover that the area is overrun by three foot long creatures with reddish ant bodies and a large closed flower instead of a head. The creatures intentions are unclear. Cassius unleashes a rolling carpet of fiery napalm from his palms, killing dozens. The sudden blast of flame spooks Smock, who immediately starts running back to the safety of the path. This is cut short when the rag doll slips off the rebar to plummet one hundred and twenty feet to the rocky bottom. Everyone is both relieved and surprised to learn that rag dolls don’t sustain injuries from falling. Suddenly another blast of napalm tears into the “flower ants”. Meep, Ishtar’s Ankhmite has just learned by watching Cassius how to cast Arcanic magic. There is a pause as the group digests this thought.

Ivern and Philton clamber up the cylindrical structure. There is a monstrously heavy door, fortunately one edge has been pried back so that the pair are able to squeeze in. Climbing on the interior is perilous, in fact they both slip downwards a few times. This would have been very bad, the floor of the ruin is completely gone (meaning they would have fallen far down to the rocky bottom). Unlike the Raggle, they both would have sustained massive injuries. On the interior walls are hundreds of the “smooth rocks” that Boogah is so eager to collect. Previous groups have already liberated the easy ones, it takes quite a bit of effort to pry a few off. These fall to the crevasses bottom and are collected by Smock and Cassius. The troupe makes it back to Boogah’s tent just before midnight. He is surprised to see them so soon. They trade in four of the “smooth rocks” for 400 hgp each. Cassius gets a wand of house painting (two coats). He powers up his wand saber. The beam is thirty eight inches of brown energy. In his heart he knows that almost every other Arcanist within a hundred miles has a longer and more colorful blade. He jots a few notes about his adventure onto a scroll in an effort to lock down any details which could be easily forgotten. If his memory holds up, he will have a longer sabre in no time! As they all head over to the building they can hear Boogah “If you're up for another job, I’ll have a better one tomorrow!”

Join us in my garage for the next exciting chapter!

Here's the Quiz (Each correct answer is worth 1 xp):

1) In what manner was the divine chorus sung? (With tiny butterfly voices)
2) How tall do you need to be to drink? (5 ft.)
3) What is Smock made of? (Felt, polyester and stuffing)
4) What do you serve Ancient Style in? (Parchment cups)
5) How was the substance of Meers body described? (Honey from Whinnie the Pooh)
6) What was your team's name? (“Team”)
7) Name a song of the ancients mentioned in this PEOG. (The Rite of Spring)
8) When Cassius made this gesture, what was he referring to? (Finger flick)
9) How wide is Orbo’s Jet of Flame? (40 ft.)
10) What region of Urth are you in? (Bim Tuck Boo)

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