Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My AD&D "Cyclops Of Yew" Dungeon Circa 1979

This was one of my fancier dungeons, probably based on Tomb Of Horrors. OK, definitely based on TOH. I have no idea where would have gotten this parchment paper to type on. Stolen from my dad's dresser? After TOH, I knew creating a riddle to give to my friends at the start was the ticket. It generated anticipation and provided logic to avoid the traps.

I had a set of colored fine tip markers (an X-mas present) that I used to make all my maps. This was always my favorite part. Cool Map = Cool Adventure.

My spelling is still atrocious.

A nice snap of me in that dreaded year. I hated the 70's. I listened to Zappa and...apparently wore bad cloths. To be fair...well, never mind. On my right is the infamous "Mike the Mangler". During one of the games he DM'ed we planned an assassination while he listened. When we carried it out there were suddenly new guards and procedures that meshed perfectly to foil our plan. From that point forward we would make him leave the room any time we made plans. 

You can find the whole "Cyclops Of Yew" here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4SbN-rtbAlgZ3FnTlVMUERsZjQ


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