Sunday, August 7, 2016

Liked Better Than a Bajoran

I did attend Gen Con.  I had debated the idea and finally I did go early on Saturday morning.  If it weren't for the infernal Indiana time change I would have even been there early.  The pic above is a record of the most interesting thing I got at the con.  I brought my copy of Blue Medusa thinking there was a chance I would run into Zak Sabbath (is that his real name?).  I like putting a face to the things which interest me.  I met George Lucas a long time back and once I had shaken his hand and exchanged a few pleasantries... everything made sense.  I knew why Darth had exposed rocker switches on his armor and why battle droids needed binoculars.  Zak was signing books across from Kingdom Death.  There was a line of two of us, he spent a good amount of time explaining the features of Vornheim as city supplement to the girl in front of me. He took several minutes to show the tables and the "Drop Chart" on the front cover.  What impressed me was that he seemed very down to earth.  "'s my thing, this is what's cool about it". Pitching.  My god, I hate pitching things.  I hate being pitched. There is just something icky about it.  Pitching is a thing and my dislike is my own thing.  The other thing that struck me was his politeness.  I am not sure what I was expecting...he did have satanic tattoos and...yes a porn star was with him...but to me it seemed he had shifted his online demeanor aside to be more polite. I found this to be impressive.  I was next.  Yes, he remembered me (some of my Medusa review stuff is quoted).  He said "I was his favorite Ro", referring of course to Ro Laren of STTNG.  A few clicks tell me "Bajorans are depicted as an oppressed people who were often forced to live as refugees".  I forgot to ask if he and Patrick Stuart (yes, a JLP/STTNG reference) had won any ENies.  I checked.  Congratulations!

If you didn't get a chance to go, this is what you missed.

Here is what $200+ got me:  6 Kingdom Death miniatures (should be Kingdom Death to my Wallet).  I spoke with Erik Johns at Malifaux at length... I have sworn off games requiring voluminous purchases of figures.  Yes, yes I know, I bought the rule book.  Research. Erik is a very nice fellow who looks like he still very much enjoys the hobby.   He took time as well to help people put together factions to play the game. Lastly, I ran into Alan Roach who works for Haywire (who strangely also worked on the Kingdom Death boxed set).  They have a great (and really stupid) game called Box of Rocks.

Well, that's it.  I'm back to work on my stuff.  There will be updates in a few.  

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