Thursday, May 19, 2016

Royal Foogleeian Mobile Armored Throne

King Semiceedies III is the current sovereign of the Moot of Fooglee.  Once a month he gives audience to commoners from his Mobile Armored Throne.  (All information regarding this contrivance are classified under the Articles of Pain Of Death Act II).

Rear view showing exit door, vent and suspension.

Detail of The Most Royal Symbol Of Authority featuring the Mundo, Chum and Igor clove emblematica.

Close up of front.  

This is a test project.  Many of you may know that I am also a modeler (see The Joy of Modeling). I have always wanted to create things from the game in 3D for fun and to photograph as illustrations. Since I have been redoing the art in the book this would be good a test.  I think it works!   This pic shows the original artwork from the rulebook.

In progress shot.  It's approximately 1/12 scale and made out of cardstock, paper, white glue and a plastic dome from a gumball machine.  

Royal Fooglian Crest
Long May the Cloves of The Moot Reek!

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