Friday, March 4, 2016

Kinda Sweatin' Bullets

Quicky update: Still slaving over the artwork.  A few samples:

New Lohg pic with POTA type background.

Interesting one I found as a pencil I had done maybe 15 years ago. Inked it up and here we are.

Another archived illustration by Doug Snook.  Enhanced with PS. This is a Flamed Donn.

Been looking at the site's dashboard and can see that it's showing me visitors from all over the globe. If you are a visitor and like what's going on the +1 button for the blog or leave a comment.  I am interested if anyone thinks this is anything or just a joke.  Don't be shy now!  It's not like I'm asking to drink from your Mr. Pibb.  Cheers!

Forgot this one.  This is a Gargocoon.  I have some issues with my artwork.  Obviously Doug's is a lot cooler.  Doug says my drawings are synonymous with Crypts-N-Creepies.  Hmmm.  Don't matter, not going to become L. DaVinci overnight.  Besides, I'm not even Italian.

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