Monday, February 22, 2016

Teletransmission 2.0

Teletransmission 2.0

Type: Arcanist/Movement
Spell Speed: 1 Nn (Normal)
Range: Self/Touch
Duration: Instant
MERP: 1d4 MERP for caster, 1d6 MERP per passenger

Effect: Using pseudo hard science the Arcanist is able to transfer themselves to any spot in the T-Zoid of Real Life instantly at a cost of a 1d4 MERP. By holding hands, passengers may be transferred at an additional cost of 1d6 MERP each. As the Arcanist disappears there will be a rush of air and an audible pop.

How it works: Every location in the TZoRL has a unique locator code made up of an X, Y and Z Zoidal Runic Coordinate.  The more completely the casting Arcanist knows of a locations total XYZZRC, the greater chance they have of nailing a precise landing at the desired target destination. Some XYZZRC’s are “common” knowledge to most Arcanists, such as important libraries, shops that sell hard to find Arcanic wares and that seedy pub on the other side of the aqueduct. Additionally, every starting Arcanist can set 1d4 locations of their own choosing as long they are areas they have frequented.  These must be noted on the persona’s sheet and given a thumbs up by the Crypt Lord. The full XYZZRC is known for these areas and Teletransporting to those spots is 100%.  

An Arcanist may perform research in order to find a XYZZRC of some location they wish to transport to (such as a far away town or crypt).  Arcanists have several channels open to them, such as Orbnet, Orbo’s Cyclopedic Summoning, pestering colleagues and even pen and paper research in libraries.  The usual die rolls apply and availability will be up to you Crypt Lord.  Note, incomplete or even “false” XYZZRC’s can be learned (see below).  

Finally, an Arcanist may spend time in a location to learn it’s XYZZRC.  To conduct this study they will need 30 ulbs of fragile and costly equipment.  Each Gar-nuta of study allows them to make a d100 roll vs their “spot arcane”.  If the roll is made, they learn one of the Runic Coordinates. Every location has three such coordinates (X, Y and Z), the more the Arcanist knows, the better.  If only one or two Zoidial Coordinates are known and an Arcanist wishes to risk Teletransmission, use the percentages listed below:

1 Zoidal Coordinate Known: 30% of reaching desired destination
2 Zoidal Coordinates Known: 70% of reaching desired destination
3 Zoidal Coordinates Known: 100% of reaching desired destination

Failure of the die roll indicates the caster and passengers are re-directed into a Zethertrap.  Zethertraps are small chunks of alternate realities that drift in the Zetherscape. Typically they are cone shaped (see illustration) and the upper surfaces range from 1,000 to 10,000 feet in diameter. Most are inhabited by some manner of life that may or may not follow the physical laws of the T-Zoid of Real Life. Escape from a Zethertrap may range anywhere from easy to impossible.  It is not within the scope of this spell description to go into detail on Zethertraps, they will be dealt with in detail in a further post. See also:

In the case of two Arcanists Teletransporting to the same destination at the same time, the groups can appear either one after the other, all mixed up, repelled apart on landing as desired by the Crypt Lord.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Scribble Faster You Dogs!

Some more of the new artwork to behold in the Lulu version:

First up: the Dreaded Legless Megamumu by Doug Snook.

Necrogutz by Caleb Annis...

...and lastly Burt the Weapon seller by me.  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Face Allocation Hit Charts

I made this for Top Secret a long, long time ago...I thought I would post them here for your enjoyment:

Of course being an art student led to:

...and finally to:


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Most Unholy Grail

Anytime a player engages in an act of pure evil there is a chance that the Most Unholy Grail will appear.  It will manifest itself in an appropriately impressive hellish manner, floating up from a fissure in the ground, in a puff of acrid green smoke or simply being spontaneously generated from maggots or desiccated entrails.

It is always filled with thick dark red blood and anyone may drink.

A sip from the Most Unholy Grail will instantly heal all lost PHP, PEP or MERP.  A  full swig does the above and adds 1d3 to any attribute for one Gar-nuta.  A full healthy drink does all of the above and adds 1d3+2 to any attribute for 1 full OTU.  Ah, but enterprising players will ask what is the cost?  Tell the player in question that you have rolled 2d100 (for a value of 2 to 200). Each drink reduces this value and if zero is reached the cup will simply disappear.

And this is mostly true.  Do not tell them that a sip reduces the number by 1d6, a swig by 2d6 and a drink by 4d6.  When zero is reached, the cup does in fact disappear. The person who drank their score down to zero will in 1d4 four days discover two bumps on the top of their head. 3d6 days later full sized horns (resembling those of the cup) will be fully formed.   At this point the demonic aura of the persona will attract Sleemays (1% cumulative rolled per day) that will attempt to capture the player and take them to Sleemania and convert them into a lessor Sleemay servitor.

The Most Unholy Grail can only be damaged through the greatest effort. Perhaps you may “accidentally” leave it behind or even throw into the deepest sea to lessen the temptation to partake of its power.  If no one has drunk from the MUG it simply reappears within 24 hours.  If gotten rid of a second time (and no one partakes of it’s benefits) it has a 50% of reappearing again within 24 hours. This drops 10% every 24 hours, until zero is reached and the MUG stays gone.  However, if at any time someone has taken a drink from the MUG during this process the percentage chance of it reappearing becomes 100%.  It reappears among the possessions of the player who drank.  It can only be gotten rid of by not drinking from it, using the formula, above. Only at this point it is gone forever. 

Or is it?