Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Map of the Cosmic All

Typical Crypts-N-Creepies adventures take place on Urth, located in our solar system which is located in the T-zoid of Real Life.  Here you will find spiritual energies embodied in organic protoplasm and mundane things made of substance.

The T-zoid of real Life is precariously balanced on the Cone of Dreams.  The electrical processes of all being flows into and is collected here.  You will notice that the CoD comes to a sharply defined point which may or may not touch all parts of the TzoRL simultaneously.  

When spiritual energies are released from their protoplasmic prisons (i.e., death) they are drawn to the Dimension of the Dead which is a hierarchical plane.  Those who have accrued more "Acclaim" may attain higher levels of privilege.  At the first level, for example, you may be allowed to play cards all day and get around in a scooter.  At level 10, however, you may be able to drive a yellow Karmann Ghia to a local bowling alley.  At level 30 you can own a Boulder-Go team and live in a palace made of tin. And so on.

Clinging to the DotD shaft are Po-lane bubbles of Heavenly Ideals. Everything is surrounded by the Zetherscape, an empty void of silence.  There are chunks of defunct worlds that drift here, called Zethertraps.  The two tendrils on the map show trajectories of Arcanic Teletransportation.  On the left is successful transport, The Arcanist has nailed all three Miluetian Runic Coordinates during his/her/its casting and nailed the target destination.  If the MRC is not perfectly dialed in the unfortunate travelers (on the right) will be drawn into a Zethertrap.  

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