Thursday, November 12, 2015


Name: Orbo the Great
Physical: 52 year old Hume.  Talks like Carl Sagen.
Profession: 7th grid Arcanist "Mastermind".
Highest Stat: Cerebral Energy/27.
Lowest Stat: Muscle Power/10.

Greatest Accomplishment: Discovery of the Cubist Rift.
Greatest Failure: Trying to "fix" the Warf race.  Lost the top of his head during a rectal port miss-fire. Effort backfired causing enlargement of every extant Warf's nose.
Current Status: Rumored to be running "Emporium O" in Crack Town.

Areas of Knowledge: Small Shiny Things, Arcanist Rune Addresses and How Things Burn.
Oddest Thing Carried: 20 ounces of dead cat.
Played By: Ro 

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