Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1st Rider of Apocalypse Spotted

I went into a candy store a few weeks back and snapped this:

Here be one of the signs of the End Times...and one of the reasons I have not posted since the last game...  The streets aren't rivers of blood, so I think we are going to be alright.
I have also been mightily distracted by the 2015 IPMS Nats.  Here are my tools, I am giving a seminar on building.

This is my subject, a way old Toko  Zis-5V Soviet truck, WW2 era.  I will be demonstrating techniques to build plastic models.  Next week, this will all be a memory, so there will be more meaty things here.  But not this week.  So there and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Cattoid Lust and Atomic Fireballs

What do you get when you combine 3 newbies, 2 vets, 2 unmatched cabbage halves, Roc's Machine Tooth, an unwrapped fish, monks who scream when they say the letter "T", a football with horns and a an asexual man made of wood?

Throw in a sexy Cattoid...
...and you get: No survivors.  4 annihilated by radioactive death cloud and 1 by plagma bath.  Excellent work!
FYI: The name Exidor comes from the Mork & Mindy sit-com.  In the Wikipedia article there is an entry on Exidor....anytime your feeling a little depressed or like you don't fit in....read the entry for Exidor under Recurring characters  and I promise you will feel much better.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mork_%26_Mindy

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

...Wanna get small?

Your about to enter your fave bar to relax and blow off some steam.  As you near the door a Welf in a slinky black robe steps out of the shadows.  She holds out a partially open matchbox in her hand that looks like it has a tiny crypt in it.  After a long na-nuta she asks "Wanna get small?  There are only three rules.  6 hours, take what you want, live or die".

Let's do it.
Another great pair of game sessions with my son and his friends, J and M.  (M not pictured).  My son is a Welt Yogi-Rabbi and J is a Khitain Slashmonger.

Here is some of the crypt, in scale for fighting.  I took some notes and I have written down: "Can I get an experience point for taking a selfie with the Evil Bhudha?" and "Is she dead.....cow, cow cow!"  In the big room on the top is a big pile of treasure (now who would mess with that?) and two fountains.  Is it a rule that you have to drink?  It should be, but it's way more fun when they do it all by themselves....