Thursday, September 4, 2014

Game Night at Flo's House

Hello group.  Just a reminder that we will be playing C-N-C at Flo's house on September 13th.  So far we have 8 in attendance, including myself.  Some facts about our players: Bumble the Anvil Biter has long unwashed arms.  C. Fogdark Lidwaster has a tie that is super absorbent.  Arthur Treacher needs no introduction.   Boram has a tooth collection (technically, don't we all?)  Sir Corneleous Pottymouth Widebottom likes hair stiffener and has extra string (to borrow?)  Be nice to Flo, not only is she our hostess, but is grieving the loss of her Pocket Hercules.  And "that guy from Madison" will be there with his wing model (not a model of a wing, but a persona that is a professional wing model).   I have included a map that will be of no use whatsoever.  And me?  Well, I write this crap.  Enjoy!

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