Thursday, July 17, 2014

Arcanist Spell Cards

"How many MERP does Orbo's Jet of Flame cost again"?   "How many Dn does Know Thy Size last"?    "What color is the Eiffel Tower"?  Valid questions.....and Arcanist Spell Cards will help.  Mostly.  Not with the acronym part.  Or the color question.  There are four to a sheet.  Print on heavy stock and cut out and use to pick your spell during step 3 of the combat Mi-nuta.
Find them here or in Swag Product.  Luxuriate!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pointy Curve....Oh Pointy Curve....

Three things: 1) Look closely at a game system, not the shiny junk, but the parts that get used over and over.  Inspection will reveal the designer's intent, or what the game is really all about.  Many games use a "Bell Curve" to pulverize the defining characteristics of the player character so that the game is "Balanced".   Balance is the bane of existence.  Of course, the highest stat gets put into STR so you can execute the most important part of the system, surviving the DUNGEON by defeating DRAGONS.  But I digress.  I will explode this idea of so called "Game Balance" another time.  C-N-C dispenses with balance by using 2d12 to generate stats, as opposed to 3d6.  The idea is to get wild swings in the numbers.  You want to be a dud at doing some things.  Failure drives the game.  This is why you bash that crypt as a group.  You need them.  Plus, it's a social game, i.e., played as a group.  I know.  2) In Swag Product I have included a new PDF, CNCV1PersonaSheetPack.  This doc has the all important persona sheets (please note there are sheets for Slashmonger/Sneaks and Arcanist/Yogi-Rabbi's).  It also includes a two page "Cheat Sheet" that is used when rolling up your persona.  You will need 2d12's and 2d6's.  Lay your persona sheet over the cheat (see pic) and gen the raw creation numbers as indicated in the rectangle.  Typical player "adjustments" have been incorporated into the process.  This eliminates the seeing of 6's as 9's and rolling die under the table ("Oh look I rolled a 12").  The rest of the cheats display all the other essential info so you can get all the numbers in the little boxes so you don't have to wipe your hands.  3) The new Butterfinger PBcup  knockoff....disgusting.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Here is the first of many Creep additions to the game, one area I dare say where the hardcover falls short.  Eventually, all the new Creeps will be collected into C-N-C V2.  Or the earth will fuse solid.  I have also included here a handy "coon" rhyming matrix for its resplendent LAR (Live Action Rule).  Cheers!

Rhyming Matrix for Coon
Almost Rhymes
Does not rhyme