Image Gallery

The artwork for the game started with sketches during play.
This became the frontispiece of the hardcover 2008 rulebook.
This is the current state of the newer rules.
This is pretty typical of my drawings.  I want them to be more than pictures
to fill up space on the pages, they should tell you something about the game. 
This is an Illy file I made for Fooburg, the capital of
The Moot of Fooglee.
So here is a new thing.  This is an illustration of
a Gelloid.  I drew this thing over and over and was
never happy with it.
As a test I made this model and
photographed it.
This is the final version.  This captures what
I'm looking for to tell a bigger story.
Same idea.  This King Semiceedies Royal Mobile Armored Throne.
It will get photographed on miniature set, photoshopped and
turned into a graphic for the new rules.
Same here.  She is an acolyte of Ishtar.
I'll be making a number of personas and creepies.
Here are some more traditional images, another by D. Snook.

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