My words about other game thingies over the years:

About Games:

Hack & Slash Compendium Volume 1 Review
A collection of great content compiled from Courtney Campbell’s Hack & Slash blog.

A Review of Playing at the World by Jon Peterson
All good games are built on the shoulders of giants. Peterson’s exhaustive research shows that D&D is no exception.

"...I Don't Want To Go On The Cart..."
Here is my list of core books about actual RPG design. Believe it or not, there are very few substantive books on this subject.


The Weird That Befell Drigbolton
This a really, really good adventure. Let me tell you why.

Tomb of Horrors an Analysis Part one
Everyone loves this thing. Part one is a fluffy intro to this.

Tomb of Horrors an Analysis Part Two: Classic or Unplayable Meat Grinder?
The most popular thing on my blog. Relive the decision path of the TOH experience in an exhaustive multi-page flow chart.

A Look at the 1975 Original Tomb Of Horrors
Published as a "bonus" in the D&D "Art & Arcana" (Ten Speed Press, 2018)


Blucher: a Napoleonic's Tabletop Miniatures Game
Not only a great game, but shows how disruptive thinking can take what people normally think of as an old tired genre and turn it into a wonderful thing.

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