Wednesday, November 14, 2018

'Yon of Ofaz Session # 11

"I am too busy to heal"

"City of Diamonds"
NOTE the 'Yon of Ofaz in distance.
I have a couple of rules I use for my game.  
First, a player is allowed to play one persona at a time.
Second, if a player is not present during a particular session I contrive a logical way to temporarily shift them out of active play and into the background. I don’t like “playerless” bodies hovering around to be used as guinea pigs or back ups. The game should be played by players who are actually present.

Way back at the start of session #8 Simon and Robin were introduced into the game by being teletransported into the Cyclone Werks via a Smorkk. At the end of that session the troupe splits up. DurBur Duke, Lyn and Squire have had enough and decide to leave this place, while Simon and Robin choose to stay behind. The exploits of the former are well documented, so let's go back and follow Robin and Simon.



The huge 40 foot by 40 foot door slowly grinds down, sealing the pyramid. For a time, all is quiet. The two Smorkk Back-Trackers ponder their next move. They are on the ground level of the ancient technological place. Underneath tarpaulins a folded up conveyance which exhibits 1870’s era steamboat gingerbread detailing and massive 40’ diameter spoked wheels chokes the space. Higher above is the gyrating rotor blade hub. Orange swirls of energy dance from their tops to another smaller platform higher up. On it Mamiss is zooming from one control panel to another in literal blur. Above her, directly under the apex is a large floating brain suspended in a vortex of orange energy. 

Cyclone Werks Interior

Robin climbs into the the giant rotor/power transfer system swinging in slow circles above their heads.  Simon follows suit and clambers up under a tarpaulin on the side of the giant folded machine. As Robin perches on the rotating hub, Mamiss floats up suspended on her rocket boots. Using a voice randomly generated from page 5 of the core rule book (PLOOK or Peter Lori On an Opium Kick), Mamiss suggests that she will let them out if they will go back to their friends and get them to come back and try out her new invention. Robin says she would be interested if Mamiss will give them various magic goodies and the let her cut all her hair off.

After an awkward silence Mamiss leaves the pair and rockets away. On the platform just above Robin’s head the other Mamiss is still zooming around at terrific speed under the large floating brain. Robin shouts up to the brain “who are you”? A booming voice from above answers “I am 8-Cha-Ale”. A conversation of sorts follows in which we learn that 8-Cha-Ale is many hundreds of years old and a survivor of the old times. However, most of the answers were “I am not authorized to answer that question”. The pair head back down into the complex and back to the so called “fun” room. It is here that the Smorkk device that they teletransported inside the complex rests. By pressing a hidden stud and saying a special pass phase they hope to reenter the device and return back home. Their journey is a cut short when a monolocazoid miluetian runic coordinate ruptures and magically ejects them into the po-lane of real life where they are deposited in front of DurBur Duke. DBD is alone, Squire has retreated to his tub, Lyn is out scrounging in the fields. DBD has been pretty busy in the meantime and is in the process of retrofitting four giant legs with claws no the ends to the rock foundation of the Blorg homestead. Simon goes out into the homesteads fields looking for mice. Instead he finds a green bottle protruding out from underneath one of the korn sleds, but is unable to recover it. He brings back several ears of fresh korn to eat instead of the old slorg stew. DBD spends time bolting on the legs and cutting a giant hole in the hovels roof for a spherical control turret. It can extend and retract inside the cramped homestead. 

Simon relates to Robin and DBD that he saw a green glass bottle wedged under a korn sled out in the field. The group goes out to get it and after a bit of wrangling pry it loose. On the outside of the bottle is a bas-relief of a Beese. Inside is a large floating magical Rubicon. DBD grabs the bottle and tosses it quickly into his mind shack. He wants to pull out the cork, but decides it might be best to not open it while inside his mindshack. 

Green Bottle
Once the bottle is out in the real world, DBD pulls out the cork. The Rubicon flies out like a manic hummingbird and flutters about, taunting them just out of reach. The cork shrinks until it disappears. Someone jumps up to grab the magical gemstone, doing so causes a magical step to appear under their feet. Another jump yields another and steps are conjured until the mystical staircase leads upwards 25 feet. Just beyond the last step the Rubicon flits about tauntingly.

They are all tired from their visit to the “City of Diamonds”, DurBur Duke especially who somehow has been in single PHP digits for days. Without a word he climbs into the now spider-like Blorg hovel and begins walking it back to The Wall. After the first step towards freedom, the Blorgmobile immediately starts to lift up on two legs and tip...DBD forgot to cut the storm chains securing it to the ground. As the hovel lumbers away Robin and Simon jump on, now also headed back to civilization.

New "Larger" table!
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