Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Page Dungeon Contest 2015

"Dungeon" is so passé...It should be a One Page Crypt Contest...But that's just me and my massive ego getting all puffed up.  It's Ok.  I am so very tired.  Here it is, enjoy!  That is all.  Oh, here is the link:

Monday, April 27, 2015

Arrow Up!

Fist Arrow: Created by Sir Ron the Unmerciless in pre-Donn times, these bludgeoning missiles only inflict half their normal damage, but have a chance of stunning the target.  If a hit is made, the % chance of stunning (pg. 101) is equal to twice the damage inflicted.  If the resulting roll is odd, target is stunned for 1 Na-nuta, for an even result 2 Na-nutas.  Range of these missiles is also half that listed for the type (Normal, Elle, Inga or Kjrom).

Toxin Arrow: A specially hollowed mini Futterkurbis Oblonga on the tip of this weapon delivers an Organwrack Megadose (10d6 php loss the first Na-nuta, 8d6 the second and so on).  This delivery system also allows non-Sneak personas to handle poisoned arrows without chance of mishap.

Luv Arrow: Upon being struck by this missile the target will fall madly in love with the next creature they see.  Highly magical and very rare indeed.

Cid Arrow:  Upon impact the two phials of patented Arcanic compounds combine and will dissolve a 5 x 5 x 5 cube of solid material.  Don't let this one break in your quiver!  Creatures sustain 2d20 php loss on a hit.

Cerebrally Guided Arrow: Upon release the shooter may mentally direct the arrows flight, avoiding obstacles, down stairs, around corners and the like.  This does not allow the shooter to automatically hit small targets, such as someone's medulla oblongata, for example.  The weapon does not turn on a dime, assume typical movement restrictions as devised by your benevolent Basement Leader.

Tongue Arrow: Have you ever wanted to lick something, but it was too far away?  Upon impact the user can taste what ever the missile touches.

Magna Arrow: These weapons are +4 to strike anything made of metal.  Upon impact they also will stick to a ferrous surface with a Muscle Power of 24.  These arrows often have a loop on the rear end of the shaft to tie a cord.

Message Arrow: Depress the stud on the unit and speak your message will remember up to 5 words.  When loosed the red gems on the array will light in such a manner that the words will be visible as the missile arcs to its target.  Great for Slashmonger parties.  Made of durable woodinga so it can be recovered and used again and again.
Bloodworm Arrow: Similar to the Blood Worm Limpet (p 48) upon impact there is a 4 in 6 chance the Blood Worms will attach for an additional 3d8 php damage per Na-nuta.  The Blood Worms will siphon off the targets blood until they reach 50 points, at which point they will explode in a shower of red mulch.  That used to be your blood.  Icky, I know.
Looksee Arrow: When launched the shooter sees exactly what the arrow sees, but slowed down.  During flight (and landing) the user is watching in "slow motion" and can zero in an focus on various things of interest.  The Eye is glass, upon impact with hard targets there is a chance it will shatter, inflicting 2d6 php loss to the user.  Depending on the circumstances of use the user may also have to make a SIFC (Successful Insanity Factor Check).