Friday, September 26, 2014

C-N-C Adventure Module: Fort Harciv!

This adventure has it all!  Underground rivers!  Fungus!  Crazy old men!  Storage units!  Creeps that explode into ichor!  Mystic runes!  Ancient spurious history!  Rotten food!  Swag!  Creeps devoid of hair!  All you need is 4-12 hours to waste playing it!  Certainly better than the 30+ hours I spent writing it.  Enjoy!  WARNING!  If your  a  Crypt Opener and are (or intend to) play this adventure, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK,  you swine!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

11 Players...2 Days...1 Boram

Two sessions of C-n-C were played this last week.  One at Flo's, the other was run by my son in the basement (where else would you play)?  Both went well.  I ran the former using the soon to be published Fort Harciv module.  Who knows what my son was doing to those guys...all I can remember hearing through the door was "what are you doing with the rotting cabbage?"  Typical.  For my group we plan another game in November.  Who knows that guy from Madison may come down.  There is this other guy I work with who wants to play as well.  Poor sucker.



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Game Night at Flo's House

Hello group.  Just a reminder that we will be playing C-N-C at Flo's house on September 13th.  So far we have 8 in attendance, including myself.  Some facts about our players: Bumble the Anvil Biter has long unwashed arms.  C. Fogdark Lidwaster has a tie that is super absorbent.  Arthur Treacher needs no introduction.   Boram has a tooth collection (technically, don't we all?)  Sir Corneleous Pottymouth Widebottom likes hair stiffener and has extra string (to borrow?)  Be nice to Flo, not only is she our hostess, but is grieving the loss of her Pocket Hercules.  And "that guy from Madison" will be there with his wing model (not a model of a wing, but a persona that is a professional wing model).   I have included a map that will be of no use whatsoever.  And me?  Well, I write this crap.  Enjoy!