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There is free stuff here. More will get added when my meds kick in.

Oh Joy! A NEW persona sheet to placate the masses. (masses...what masses?)


Here is a my 2015 entry for the "One Page Dungeon Contest":

 Presenting Fort Harciv, a complete adventure module in 23 harrowing pages.  IF you are already playing this adventure (yes, you Boram), please do not download and read the adventure.  Duh!

 9 page Persona Sheet Pack, with creation cheat sheets included.

 Basic Game Reference Pack.  This has the most used/beloved tables separated out for facilitating play:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4SbN-rtbAlgRDUwUTNycUcxenc/edit?usp=sharing 

 Arcanist Spell Cards, 4 to a sheet, 11 pages and 98% fun.

 Yogi-Rabbi Miracle Cards, 4 to a sheet, 10 pages and....you know.

Once upon a time I let anyone just download the rules for free. I noticed a lot of downloading and no feedback. This started to bug me, so I decided to put a price on it. Well, it certainly has weeded out all the chaff. Ahem. If you want the rules, now you gotta give me some swag. The shiny candy-like button is over on the left. I mean my other left. Go ahead...push it. I dare you. Doublegargodog dare you.
More to come.


  1. Yikes! Awesome! Downloaded! Any idea how to get these crumbs out of my keyboard?

    1. Filth, Roll a d6: 1) vacuum gently, 2) put keyboard upside down on a shoe rack in dryer on "cool" setting, 3) Shake inverted keyboard, 4) let a small quadruped lick clean, 5) Blow debris away using a soda straw, 6) Set keyboard outside near anthill and let them carry away the crumbs. Hope that helps!

  2. I rolled a six. I'm pleased to report that the ants worked like a charm. So well in fact that I'm considering making them part of my biannual oral hygiene regimen. Thanks again Crypt Lord!
    -the FILTH