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Ticket to Ride (See review, below)
Cosmic Encounter
Battleline (2 player)
Hive (2 player)
Survive! (An old Parker Brothers 2-4 player game)
Shogun (Milton Bradley)
Rummikub (2-4 players)
Slap Dragon (2-4 players)
Hands Down (2-4 players)
Carcassonne (2-4 players)
Bang (4-8 players)
Cathedral (2 players)
Othello (2 players)
Uno (2-6 players)
Balderdash (2-6 players)
Apples to Apples (2-6 players)
7 wonders (2-4 players)
Nuclear War (2-4 players)
Family Business (2-4 players)
The Great Dalmuti (2-8 players)
Small World (2-4 players)
Tailsman (2-6 players)
5 Days in the USA (2-4 players)

Ticket To Ride
"A cross-country train adventure" by Days of Wonder 2004
2-5 players/30-60 minutes/$40
Highly Recommended

Ticket To Ride
In Ticket To Ride the object is to build railroad routes across the United States.  The box contents are dense and once everything is laid out it has a grand presence. Components fall into easy categories, it's not scary looking like some of those more complex games.

The overall design is focused and simple. The rules are concise and well written. The object is to have the most points when the game ends by claiming routes between cities. The game ends when one player runs out of colored train markers. Players have 45 of these markers which are placed end to end on the board between cities to claim routes. To claim these routes cards with colored train cars are collected. When you have collected the right number and color, you may claim a route. This is the essence of the game. There are a few additional rules here and there, such as destination cards which allow you to collect bonus points. Because my wife plays this one anytime it’s set up means this one’s a winner. I bet your wife (or husband) will play, too. TTR retails at 40 bucks and will get played many times.

This game is easy to learn and play. It doesn't require intense focus during play, so players can socialize. This is a good one to get newbies into boutique style games, it looks like one, but doesn't have all the crazy rule unpleasantness they often have. After this you'll be ready to whip out Settlers, Carcassonne or Splendor.

The Settlers Of Catan 
"A game of discovery, settlement and trade" by Mayfair 1996
2-4 players/60-90 minutes/$40
Highly Recommended

The Settlers Of Catan
This is the game that made it OK for regular people to play "fancy" games. And it's still a great game and well worth playing. It has a lots of different components which is the hallmark of this style of game. There are wooden settlements, cities and roads, lots of cards and even has the ubiquitous dreaded modular hex terrain which is assembled to create the game board. The rules are well choreographed and easy to remember. This keeps the initial learning phase to around 15 minutes. Settlers has many "special" one time use rules, but the rules are so well organised that you can find the answer you need and not slow the pace of the game.

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