Monday, June 13, 2016

The Making of a Gelloid

Here is the next bit of artwork for the game.
Paper model, photographed and then worked over in Photoshop:

This is the final art for a Gelloid.
I promise myself, I cannot overwork this thing any longer.  Here is the process:

This is the original art in the game.  Typical and boring.

I did a number of thumbnails...this was the one that I liked.

A more refined version.

Which led to this...

...maybe good for therapy, but just left me feeling like I had wasted my time.

So then I got all Artsy-fartsy and spit this out.

Photoshop did not make it any better.  My artistic skills are (fill in the blank), but this just looked terrible.

At this point I had finished the Fooglian Mobile Armored Throne...So I built a crypt set.

More of the set.

Leaving me with this image, which I did not like.  Shoulda just took a pic of the butter in the fridge.

I re-built the Gelloid and rephotographed this morning and ended up with the top image...
At least it's interesting.  Cheers!